Christine O., Houston, TX - I am grateful that your Pumpkin cookies are a treat my little ones can enjoy as I felt terrible not being able to give her any treats after she had been getting them until her bladder stones. I showed my vet (your treats) and he said just 3 small morsels per day and that should be alright because there were no bad ingredients in them. I am so grateful that my sister sent these to my dogs as Christmas presents. I will be ordering these regularly!

Shannon C., Chula Vista, CA - That was VERY quick processing & shipping of my order! Thank you for your swift & excellent service!

Susan F., Lexington, TN - We received our order today! My dogs love the Pumpkin Pie cookies! I am trying to save the bacon biscuits for a friend. Thank you for the speedy shipping!

Julie N., Brownsburg, IN - I just wanted to let you know how much my dogs (two Golden Retrievers) LOVE the pumpkin pie treats! I will ask them if they want a "pumpkin treat" and they immediately start drooling! Great job on creating those! Our neighbors just got two Golden puppies -- whom I adore! I will certainly introduce them to your wonderful products!

Sheryl S., Brownsburg, IN - My dogs absolutely LOVE your peanut butter cookies! Our dog, Riley (who unfortunately passed away recently) who used to bang his head into the pantry door until we would give him a peanut butter treat! Our new rescue dog, Pippa, will actually dance until she gets one of your peanut butter treats, too! As a matter of fact, I've entered her in 3 dog contests since we got her and she has won all 3 contests with her dancing (and her utter cuteness), but she will only dance for your peanut butter treats! I'd say that is a pretty good indicator that you are doing something right!!

Amy J., Stillwater, OK   - I ordered two Fourth of July bandannas for my bichons, and they look great! They are well-made, cute, and not too over the top. The dogs also love the peanut butter treats A LOT! The Kong squeaky tennis balls were also great...they were gifts for a very grateful labrador. Received items quickly and items were well-packed.

Renata K., Chicago, IL  - Cole loves these Pumpkin Pie cookie treats! When you open the bag, the aroma is amazing and each cookie is a good size, so they are perfect for my big boy! If you don't believe me, there's a picture of Cole with one in his mouth and then licking up the crumbs (on your facebook page)! The best part is that they are natural and healthy without all the added preservatives, etc.

Revajane L., Camby, IN - The dogs absolutely LOVED the peanut butter treats. They each got one and seemed to think they were entitled to more! Pumpkin pie flavor is tonight.

Ruth B., Danville, IN - Moose and Romeo just love the treats!!

Charlene R., Carrollton, OH - Wanted to say thanks much for making such a great product! We are currently "owned" by 5, yes 5, Irish Jack Russell Terriers, Murphy, McCaulley, McKenna, Marquie, and Finnian. I ordered your Pawfect Peanut Butter treats and they were a big hit! Our "kids" loved them! I will be ordering more very soon. Thanks again.

Carl I., Berwyn, PA - Our two one-year old labra doodles cannot get enough of the oatmeal and the bacon flavored treats. We had to put the peanut butter treats on the top of the refrigerator, and they still tracked them down. A lot of care went into this product.

Tom & Jacki S., Ottawa, IL - Jake really loves his Pawfect Peanut Butter treats.  He gets one every time he's good, and that has been quite often lately. Keep up the great work! 
Don R., Mooresville, IN - Ollie really likes his new bacon treats.  Here's a picture of him begging for one! 

Gayle R., Greenwood, IN - My rescue dog, Hope, has never wanted or eaten a dog treat in her 12 years.  As a puppy, she was abandoned and was thin from not eating.  Even then, she wasn't interested in dog treats.  When I brought home the Pawfect Peanut Butter treats, I broke one in half and handed it to her.  She sniffed it, took it in her mouth, and placed in on the ground.  Then she looked up at me so I handed her the other half which she quickly ate, followed by picking up the other half she had left on the ground and ate it. Next, she looked at me again with a look as if to say "well, I'd like another one, can I have it"!  Hope never wanted a dog treat and now she's in love with these treats!

Sheryl S., Brownsburg, IN - Your peanut butter dog treats were a HUGE hit at our house!  Both of my dogs just sit and stare at the bag until I give them another one!

Tracy M., Canal Winchester, OH -  Thank you for making such wonderful things. Everything I have ordered has been a huge hit (dog coats, scarves, treats, bully sticks...). I definitely will need to order more!

Heather B. -  Love love dog treats ever..and jackets scarfs..etc And of course I love your furkids. Angel Destiny and Angel Chance are still taking part in business just in a different way ❤ Titan and Lucy are doing a awesome job helping.


A Pawfect 


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