Hi, I’m Chance and along with Destiny, I was a founder of our store. I passed away from cancer in March of 2015 and went to the bridge to keep Destiny company.   I loved being a dog treat taste tester!  I had a little weight problem and had a tendency to whine from time to time. The vet said it could be from too much fat in my diet. So I changed my food and stopped eating those dog treats that sit on store shelves for months and months and are fatty and filled with things that aren’t so good for me and started eating only our pawfect great tasting dog treats.  My belly started feeling so much better and I didn’t feel like whining anymore.

Hellooooo, my name is Titan and I'm the brofur of Destiny and Chance, and now Lucy too. My position here at A Pawfect Dog started as an intern but I moved up the ladder to VP of Taste Testing and Security. Chance taught  me how to be a grrreat taste tester and Destiny trained me in my security role. I was rescued from Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan and I love my furever home. I have turned into a really big boy so I was given a really big name to go with my size! Mommy says I'm handsome. Of course I am...just look at that face! :D

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Hi, my name is Lucy and I joined the A Pawfect Dog pack in late January, 2015 at about 8 years old. I never got to meet Destiny but have heard all about how wonderful she was. I hope to carry on her traditions.

My name is Angel Destiny and I was one of the founders of our store.  Unfortunately I passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 8 in October of 2014. But I was an awesome spokesdog for our company and still want everyone to know I had a nose for great tasting gourmet dog treats.  Not only did I think our great tasting gourmet dog treats were pawsitively fantastic, but I played with our dog toys and my mom covered me up with our blankets too.  And sometimes I would wear one of our sporty bandannas when I went out for all my friends to see.  So check out our store and get your very own pawfect items.  You’ll love every bite of our dog treats. 

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I was rescued from an abusive situation and would cower thinking everyone was going to hit me. I hadn't been to the vet and I was bald on my back (thyroid problem, just needed medicine), was incontinent (just needed medicine), and had 4 rotten molars that needed removed. I also recently had surgery to remove 9 benign tumors. I am such a happy girl now that loves to play with and shake toys, loves to snuggle, and do the doberlean. I've had a rough life but now I'm living the life of luxury! Oh, and since Titan got promoted, I'm the new intern!