A Pawfect 


Bakery & Store

providing you made to order, great tasting gourmet dog treats, dog clothes including warm dog coats, and other fun items for your dog.  Meet our taste testers, Titan and Lucy.  They pawsitively love our freshly made to order dog treats which provide your canine friend:

Natural gourmet dog treats .  .  .

Made from only human-grade ingredients
Made with no preservatives and no water
That are lab tested and registered
Made fresh for you

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A Pawfect Dog Bakery & Store
PO Box 723 Danville, IN 46122 US
Website: http://www.apawfectdog.com/

Our Mission

Find out the Pawticulars About Our Ingredients, more about Our Pawfect Dogs, and Register for our Monthly Dog Newsletter.

A Pawfect Dog

Our mission is simple: To provide great tasting dog treats, comfortable and fashionable dog clothing at a great price.

Welcome to Our Bakery & Store ...